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Pets in non- pet friendly lodges will result in $400 fee, regardless of the size of the pet.

Please ask if your lodge is pet friendly.

In lodges where pets are welcome, expect a pet charge of $20-50 each, non refundable, depending on size.

Not registering your pet will result in $200 fee, regardless of the size of the pet.
Pick up and properly dispense of all pet waste on the property.

Pets are not allowed at pool area and must be on a leash while out on the property.

Pets must be on a leash at all times while outside. Do not trespass on neighboring properties.

Pets that disturb other guests (excessive barking) will result in pet fine.

Sweep up any shedding, water from bowl, or food in room before departure.

No Pets on furniture or bedding, no exceptions (covering furniture is not an exception)

Pets must be kenneled in lodge while owners are out.

Pet owners will be responsible for their pets entirely, including cleaning up 100% after pet.

Any costs/damages from your pet will be doubled and charged to the credit card on file.

-Service Dogs / Animals-

Well trained and clean service animals are more than welcome.

We understand that service dogs are permitted by law without charge.

Due to an overwhelming amount of guests falsifying the need for a service animal to avoid paying the pet fee,

our policies have become more strict.

In order to bring your service animal, we must meet you and your service animal in person to verify the purpose and tasks that the animal performs for the disabled owner and verify that the animal is clean and well groomed.

If you allow, we will provide a welcome treat for your service animal.

Due to false documentation and the law not allowing a business to require documentation for a service animal, we will ask the necessary questions, approved by the ADA, that the animal is indeed a service animal.

If there are any fundamental alterations from your service animal that may include approaching other guests, sniffing or jumping, or if your service animal is unkempt, you may be asked to leave with no refunds to your booking and may pay additional fees.

Service animals must be kenneled while owners are out and must be on a leash at all times.

Service animals must be calm and well behaved while they perform their duties for the owner with the disability.

Excessive barking or aggressive behavior will not be tolerated and are considered a "direct threat to patrons"

according to the ADA.

In order to protect our lodges and rooms, we have a strict policy on the cleanliness of your service animal.

They must be on flea and tick medication.

Service animals, under no circumstance are allowed on bedding or furniture.

Owners must clean up 100% after their animal and this includes hair, food and water bowl and dog waste in the yards.

Owners must bring the necessary supplies to accomplish cleaning up after their animal.

If there is any trace of an animal being in the room upon departure, bad behavior from your service animal or not registering your service animal,

guests may be asked to leave with no refunds and may be charged a $200 inconvenience fee.

Thank you for helping us stay clean, on time & efficient.


It is important, to remain pet friendly, that guests take the above policies seriously in order to protect

Frio Canyon Rentals, the investments of the property owners as well as the next arriving guest.

Please help us to stay on time & efficient.